Verizon Office Building Envelope Renovations
2013 - 2014 Springfield, Massachusetts

Our firm prepared a study that included the following tasks.
1. An evaluation and the establishment of recommended restoration treatments for each type of façade.
2. An evaluation of the roof systems, windows, doors and other exterior features for possible replacement or restoration.
3. Development of a list of immediate repairs.
4. Preparation of a cost estimate of the construction costs.


Building History
The original construction documents were not available for the study therefore the dates of construction for the original building and additions are not confirmed. The City of Springfield records noted that the original building was constructed in c1935 (Building 1). The records also noted that in 1960 the parking are was created. The architectural style of the 1935 building is Art Deco and similar to other buildings built in Springfield. The Michele & Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts (Pictured Above) is similar in design and was constructed in 1934. An addition was constructed c1960 (Building 2) and at the same time the 1935 building was renovated replacing the original windows with 1960 style windows. The third additions we were added c1970 (Building 3) to the rear of both the 1935 and 1960 buildings.


The recommended renovations in priority of importance included the following:
1. Replacement of all roofs systems.
2. Restoration of site retaining walls, fences, parking lot paving and landscaping.
3. Replacement of deteriorated exterior door.
4. Replacement of all sealants at building joints.
5. Cleaning, pointing and repairs the limestone veneer.
6. Pointing 25% of the brick veneer.
7. Replacement of all windows and louvers.