Mission Grammar School
2018- present  Boston

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mission Grammar School is  located within the building complex of the Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It was constructed in c 1900 on St. Alphonsus Street. The school is 18,400 sf on four floors. It is constructed of solid brick masonry wall, steel and wood timber framing. The design is configured to provide three classroom floors with a single loaded corridor the connects stairwells at each end and a main floor containing, reception, large meeting room, toilets and utility rooms. The administrative office are located in a two story connector building.

Design Program


1. Create two classrooms out of the large classroom.
2. Re-configure the Work Area and Office space. 
3. Design for an accessible entry.
4. Develop better layout of office storage area.
5. Develop options for wheelchair access to each level.
6. Develop options for use of fifth floor room and part of the roof area.

Design Option for Phase One Two Classrooms on First Floor


Options were developed two create two kindergarten classrooms in the first floor for 20 students. The final plan (see page 12) will only allow 17 students per classroom. 
Additionally the construction cost budget was set to under $100,000 to limit that addition renovation that otherwise would be required for universal access at this first phase.  


Design Options for Universal Access and Complete Building Renovations


Universal access will require an elevator. The preferred concept is to locate the elevator on the Street side in front of the two story administrate part of the building. This would 
become the new main entry to the school with direct access to the first floor. (see page 13-14)

Estimated Renovation Cost


A estimate was developed for the complete renovations (see page 15). It is anticipated that the cost could range from between $4.3M to $5.8M.