Oblate Meeting Hall
2002- 2003  Tewksbury, Massachusetts

The Oblate Meeting Hall is designed to provide a multi-function meeting space for the Northeast Regional Order for the Society of Oblate Fathers for Mission Among the Poor.  It is an addition to the Oblate Retirement House that provides living accommodations and long-term care for retired Oblate Fathers.


Design Program

1. Meeting, dining and assembly area seating 280 at tables and 600 in chairs    

2. Entry Lobby connecting the existing facility to the new hall.


3. A new caterer’s kitchen with food storage.    


The hall provided for a serving area, exterior glass wall and access to outdoor patio. Assembly Hall systems include, phone, computer, public address and sound amplification. Outdoor spaces provide, entry drop off area, parking 60 cars, service entrance for caterers, preservation of the oak lined alley, relocation of bell tower and preservation of the views to the cemetery.


Client; Society of Oblate Fathers for Mission Among the Poor.

Status: Completed 2003

Size:  8,500 ft2

Cost: $950,000
Services: Programming, full
architectural design, & construction administration