St. Pius Gymnasium/Assembly Hall Study
2005 -2006   Lynn, Massachusetts

Design Program

Existing Rectory: The existing building is to be maintained and reused as office space.  

Existing Elementary School: The existing school to remain a separate building. 

Proposed Building New Gymnasium: The proposed gymnasium/ assembly hall will be designed to keep to the same character of the existing rectory.  

The following program is proposed:


Gymnasium/ Assembly Hall – 10,015 s.f. 
(50’ x 84’ high school basketball court w/ bleachers)
Stage – 908 s.f.
Kitchen – 1,041 s.f.
Lavatories – 632 s.f.
Locker Rooms – 693 s.f.
Entry/ Circulation – 635 s.f.
Mechanical and Storage Areas