St. Cements Hall Renovation Study
1995- 1996  1105 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts

This study is a survey of the existing conditions and a program of design recommendations for St. Clement‘s Shrine, Back Bay, 1105 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts.


The three main areas addressed in this study were:

 First, the documentation of the existing conditions of the building complex and site;

 Second, the presentation of a program for the preferred building and site uses and the identification of the restoration and renovation work as specific projects and their rank in terms of  priority;

 Third, the presentation of a restoration and renovation budget cost estimate for each project.


Study Goals


  • Provide site investigation to determine the condition of the building.


  • Provide recommendations for repair.


  • Develop a preferred building use program and establish the required modifications to

      accommodate the building program.


  • Establish a construction budget.