Verizon Central Office Building Envelope Renovations
2011-2013  Springfield, Massachusetts

The original building was constructed in 1912 from plans drawn by C. E. & G. C. Gardner of Springfield. Sixteen years later in 1928 an eight story addition was constructed to the rear on the corner of Dwight Street and Worthington Streets. The current structure was constructed in 1948. The architects were R. Clipston Sturgis of Boston and they may have design the 1928 structure but no records were available to confirm this.

Gray Architects’s building assessment was used to develop a renovation program that included the replacement of
the building masonry parapets, brick façade repairs, the restoration of the marble veneer at the street level and new
roofing and flashing.

New veneer and engineered attachment system for the first floor.
Brick wall repairs.
Restoration of existing windows.
Reinforced parapet walls.
Roof insulation and membrane roofing and flashings.
Restoration of entry.