Verizon Yonkers Central Office
2015 - 2017  Yonkers, New York

The Verizon Yonkers Central office building was constructed in 1902 in the Italianate style. The building was added to in 1925 and again in 1948 creating 110,000 sf four story complex with street facades on Main Street facing north and Riverdale Avenue facing East. In 1997 facade murals were installed on the side wall of the 1902 building by the internationally renowned artist Richard Haas’. They have been land marked by the City and are part of this facade restoration project.

Land marked Richard Haas mural “Gateway to the Waterfront”. The murals according to the city’s press release, create “a special historic value by extolling the history of the City while highlighting the historic nature of the buildings upon which they were painted. Each mural, worked in the classic fresco, brings its own contributing historic and architectural value to the new Richard Haas History District.” Has is renowned for designing his murals in a style that inextricably integrates the actual architectural and decorative elements of the buildings with the artistically created design of the murals. The “Gateway to the Waterfront” murals are an example of this style, as these murals and buildings are as closely united visually as they are physically.

The city condemned the main street building in 2017 that contained one the the three "Gateway" murals. Our firm developed a replacement concept to recreate the mural on the now fully visible east facade of the Verizon Main Street buidling 


Restoration of and repair to all facades including terracotta, granite, brick, limestone ,and stucco veneers.
Land marked mural restoration.
Energy efficient windows.
Reinforced parapet walls.
Roof insulation and membrane roofing and flashings.
Restoration of brass entry doors.