Maudslay State Park Restoration Master Plan
1990-1993  Newburyport, Massachusetts

As the site of the former Maudslay Estate on the Merrimack River, this park features one of the largest naturally occurring strands of mountain laurel in the region.  The master plan study developed a plan for the stabilization, rehabilitation and preservation of the historic structures and landscape features of the main house site and garden complex.  The study included a history of the site, information on the original designers of the estate, as well as detailed site conditions of the main house, the garden complex, and all existing structures and landscapes.  Recommendations were made to stabilize, rehabilitate and preserve the land and its structures, and cost estimates for the work were developed.  Long-term maintenance measures were also presented.  Landscaping designs incorporated the historical elements of the site, with 19th century gardens, plantings, and rolling meadows.  Plans and specifications for the restoration of the rose garden walls were also created. 

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management
Completed 1993
Buildings 8,000 ft2  
Land  10 acres