Whitinsville Mill Historic Renovation Study
2002 - 2003 Whitinsville, Massachusetts


The Whitin Machine Works (WMW) was founded by Paul Whitin and his sons in 1831 on the banks of the Mumford River in South Northbridge, Massachusetts. The village of South Northbridge became known as Whitinsville in 1835, in honor of its founder. The WMW became one of the largest textile machinery companies in the world. Known as The “Shop” to locals, would operate well into the 20th century, long after many of the New England mills had moved South. By 1948, The company was operating at peak capacity, employing 5,615 men and women. The Shop was the center of life in the village of Whitinsville, Massachusetts for over 135 years, until 1976.

Gray Architects developed concepts for the revitalization and historic renovation of the mill complex on the Mumford River. The design included new pedestrian bridge to glass atrium space, restaurant, commercial and office, residential on upper floors and interpretive museum.

l Site programing for pedestrian access, vehicular access and parking.
l   Restoration of Historic Whitin Mill Building and Hydroelectric Turbine.
l   Community and retail space, restaurant and museum.
l   Administrative offices.