St. Ann Interior Renovations
1988 - 1989   Dorchester, Massachusetts

In 1880 Father Fitzpatrick of St. Gregory's Catholic Church purchased a lot of 40,000 square feet of land on Minot Street in Neponset, and by December, 1881, a new church was ready for use. The church remained a ward of St. Gregory's until 1889 when it became St. Ann's Parish. In 1915 Father John S. McKone began the construction of a new church on a new site, on Neponset Avenue. The new church building in the style of a Roman basilica with a campanile in the rear was finished in 1920. 


St. Ann was designed by Edward Graham, a significant architect in Massachusetts and in Cleveland, Ohio. His work was influenced by Maginnis. He designed Holy Name in West Roxbury, St. Paul in Cambridge and the major church in Winthrop. 

Program: Renovation of the worship space, new seating, ;lighting and redesign of the sanctuary.