St. Mary Parish Center for Faith
Formation & Evangelization 
2008- 2016  Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Gray Architects conducted a planning study in 2008 to site a new Parish Center on existing church property. St. Mary land consists of four parcels encompassing 6.5 acres with several structures including the Church/Rectory, Parish Office Building and two rented Residential Houses.  The property is also within the Chelmsford Historic District thus requiring approval from the Historic  Commission of any renovations or building additions.

Options to add to the Church/Rectory and the Parish Office Building were conceptually explored with a final consensus to design an addition to the Church/Rectory.  Concept plans and a construction budget estimate were developed. It was hoped that enough funds could be raised for the project but unfortunately not enough money was raised and the project was put on hold. 

In 2013 we were asked to look for an alternative option. The renovation of the existing Parish Office Building and an addition to the rear was studied again. The building know historically as The Fletcher House had been built in 1819 and the parish believed if they were going to keep that property eventually it would need renovations.  It was finally agreed to restore the Parish Office Building and add as much space as funds would allow in a new addition.   


The new 11,000 square foot Center contains, meeting rooms, open and private offices and a chapel. All building systems are new and the historic building is completed renovated.