Second Church of Christ, Scientist
2017  Roxbury, MA.

The Second Church of Christ, Scientist is a two story structure constructed in 1914 from plans by Shepley Aler and Coolidge Architects of Boston. It has a total gross square foot area of 19,306 housing a worship space seating approximately 750 persons and an assembly room seating approximately 250. The other levels contain offices, meeting spaces and support spaces. The church has four floor levels: Basement Level, Lower Level, Lobby Level and Worship Level. Minor renovations had been made over the life of the building however most of the buildings systems and space uses original. 

This study was commissioned by Grace Church of All Nations who will be purchasing the building for there new worship and community center. The main goals of the study were to inspect the interior building conditions, recommend renovations and develop a concept design for the churches space needs.

The study content included the following:

1. Confirming the existing conditions of the site and building and recommend required renovations.

2. Using the Space Needs Program, develop a preliminary “fit plan” identifying existing building areas needing re configuration or adaptive new uses.

3. Provide preliminary design for all Accessibility and Plumbing requirements.

4. Develop phased options for renovation with estimated costs.