Verizon Central Office Renovation
2006- 2012  Lynn, Massachusetts

This telephone central office building was designed in the Art Deco style by the Boston Architectural firm of Densmore, LeClear and Robbins in 1938. The stone veneer facade was secured to a reinforced concrete structural building frame with steel angles and over time the steel had deteriorate. Gray Architects were retained to review previous studies and develop alternatives for the restoration of the veneer system. Our studies confirmed that the anchoring system was failing and a new veneer system was recommended. Through review of various options it was confirmed that to obtain the most long lasting repair complete removal of this veneer was necessary. The new veneer system was designed to match the original design but replace the limestone with cast stone of the same appearance with larger panels to decrease the amount of horizontal and vertical joints. Both the back-up and anchoring systems were modified replacing terra-cotta with concrete masonry and steel anchoring
with stainless steel.

l New veneer and engineered attachment system.
l Energy efficient windows.
l Air barrier and wall insulation.
l Rebuilding parapet walls.
l Roof insulation and membrane roofing and flashings.
Lynn Historic Commission Preservation Award 2007