St. Joseph’s Middle School
1985- 1987  Needham, Massachusettss

Saint Joseph’s Parish commissioned the firm to design an addition to its middle school. Part of the challenge of this project was to create a building that would be both functional and harmonious with the other buildings in the parish complex. The program included a courtyard, science laboratories, a dining area, administrative and classroom spaces, and a new entrance and arrival point.

Interior design and color choices consist of soft sand and earth tones on the walls, punctuated by resilient rubber floors at the stairways in terra cotta with forest green handrails and main entry door. These colors were employed to create a soothing effect and to establish a subtle connection to the modest example of the school’s building’s facade are a symbolic reference to the Virgin Mary as well as St. Joseph, who is often depicted carrying white lilies.


Client: Archdiocese of Boston
Size: 8,000 ft2

Program: Classrooms, administrative offices, lunch room.