The firm  was  founded  by John M. Gray, F.A.I.A. in 1912.  The practice gained recognition for the design of the Salem, Massachusetts District Court and Police Station completed in 1913 and the early 1930's had designed such famous Boston landmarks as the "L" Street Bathhouse in South Boston and the Tunnel Administration Building in the North End. These buildings continue to serve as landmarks and remain in vigorous use today. As John M. Gray's sons, John and Francis, and later his grandson Dennis, joined the firm, the practice continued to serve clients throughout New England, completing more than 400 projects. Clients have included religious organizations, educational institutions, corporations, and public and private agencies.

The projects have been diverse throughout the firm's history, however, central to the work is a commitment to create environments that enhance people's lives. We view the process of shaping environments as the discovery of design solutions that result in buildings and landscapes that have connections to traditions and places, and represent the highest aspirations of the client.